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Our goal, task and responsibility is to support our business customers for many years in a professional and competent way.
Consultation, planning and integration, are our top priorities, just as professional service and support since 1994.

As the official Internet Service Provider, Ripe registration number AS16195, we are connected to both, the national peering point "VIX", as well as to the Internet worldwide, internationally and direct.

We offer our business customers:

- Internet Services: Monitored Internet Connections, air-conditioned Internet Server and managed Internet Security, with exclusively only unlimited data transfer, never overbooked. This is the basis of all our Internet Services. We'd like to administer your individual services such as Mail, WWW, FTP, SSL, Spam filter, Onlineshops, Forums, Firewall, Video Streaming, Virus Protection, User Management and much more.

- Virtual Private Network (VPN): Connects your headquarters and branch offices to a closed user group. Exchange data with each other, use remote programs, folders and printers. It works like a local office network.

- Virtual Private Server (VPS): Shared hardware and yet a complete server. Our VPS provides the operating system and applications just like an independent provider. Whether Mail, Web, FTP, DNS, Databases, or customer-specific applications, there are almost no limits.

- Marketing, Advertising & PR: We plan and execute Internet marketing and advertising campaigns for companies, products and services.

- IX Trader Forex Software: We rent our forex software to forex professionals or who want to be there.

We are always available to answer your questions and would be pleased to welcome you as a customer soon.

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