MIOR Technologies offers quantitative technologies for financial markets.

Mathematics (Ma%), Statistics (St%), Combinatorics (Co%), Finance (Fi%), Computer Science (CS%),
Methodics (Me%), Neuronal Networks (NN%), Internet Services (IS%)
Ma% + St% + Co% + Fi% + CS% + Me% + NN% + IS% = 100%



- Quantitative analyst technologies

- Quantitative value technologies

- Quantitative measurement technologies

- Quantitative developer technologies

- Quantitative trading technologies

- Quantitative live and predictive data technologies


- As an Internet Service Provider since 2001, we provide special internet services for international finance companies and individuals

-- We have 100% clean IPv4 address space (in 2024: /20 in 2025: /22+AS16xxx) available for sale, net 25€/IPv4 address


We work on a project basis without exception, no products or solutions will be in public!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.